Instagram has become a ripe space for marketers because of its active 100+ million users and relatively unsaturated customer base (compared to more popular social media accounts like Facebook). Unfortunately, however, the early adopters of Instagram have had the advantage of acquiring hundreds of thousands of followers and strengthening their loyalty through years of quality content and innovations.

How does one hope to make a splash in this chaotic ocean of Instagram veterans? By buying Instagram followers. Don’t know how? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Make an Account

It’s a good idea to set up a new Instagram account for this experiment, as you will be doing things that may drastically affect the image your current account already projects to your followers. There are several guides on the internet on how one could craft the perfect Instagram account for your target audience, so make sure you do your research before jumping in. Make sure you have, at the very least, an answer to the question: “Who do you want to appeal to?” and answer that as concretely as you can, e.g., “I want my brand to appeal to millennial dads.”

Step 2: Set up a Content Management System

Buying Instagram followers is merely a fraction of the equation; you need great, consistent content to keep your legitimate followers. This means posting images that are high quality on a regular basis – around once a day is good; people don’t like excessive posting. Apart from high quality, regular posts, make sure that your hashtags properly suit the content of the images. Avoid hashtag paragraphs; around three relevant hashtags is enough.

Tip: Use this App to schedule your Instagram posts, and never miss a peak-time moment.

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Step 3: Get Legitimate Instagram Followers First

Before buying your way into Instagram stardom, make sure you have at least a legitimate follower base. Find accounts that have a similar niche and target audience, and go to their followers. Follow some of their followers and like their posts. Eventually, some of those users will see that you’ve interacted with their posts, and upon seeing that you both have similar aesthetics, the tendency is to follow you back. At this point, don’t start sliding in to DMs or commenting; you won’t be able to keep this up when you gain your new followers.

Step 4: Start Buying Followers!

Once you start gaining momentum, you may now start finding bots and services to help you gain new followers. So in other words: Go and buy real Instagram followers. Opt for a mix of bots that automate your account’s liking, commenting, and following-and-unfollowing cycle, as well as a flood of fake Instagram followers, to provide you with a burst of both follower and engagement count. Make sure that the accounts the bots interact with are, at the very least, within your niche and target audience. Also, make sure that you start with a small number of fake followers – around 500 is good. Don’t overdo it and go for a 10,000-follower package if you only have 200 followers, as Instagram has become more sensitive to these follower count anomalies over time and may ban your account if it notices unusual bumps in followers with no corresponding engagement.

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Final Step: Keep Watch and Stay Vigilant

Weed out fake followers with dubious DPs, and keep watch until your legitimate follower count rises. Keep making quality content and products, and interact with others, and you should find yourself rising faster than you could ever imagine.

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